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The Back Half
Join Tom Gatti and Kate Mossman for the best of the New Statesman's arts and books pages, in your ears every other Thursday. Send noniversary suggestions and other comments to
The Michigan Runner Girl podcast is where you'll find a passion for running crosses paths with a love of living healthy in the beautiful state of Michigan. Runner, mother, writer and lover of all things Michigan Heather Durocher, creator of the running and travel site, hosts the show, along with regular appearances by fellow Michigan Runner Girls (and Guys). Expect to hear informative and entertaining conversations with runners, race directors and fitness experts throu ...
Chicano Shuffle
Fueled by tacos, the occasional adult beverage, and broadcast out of some vato’s garage in a shady alley in Los Angeles… We are Chicano Shuffle.
Author, Coach, Speaker & Certified Fitness Junkie Jeremy Scott owns Jeremy Scott Fitness in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Jeremy is a certified personal training who leads by example sharing hacks, tips, education and advice on all things health, fitness, & lifestyle related. Jeremy has worked with some of the biggest brands in fitness such as Men’s Health, Reebok and Vitamin Shoppe. Want a topic covered? Just send us a message and we will make it happen. Become a supporter of this podcast:https ...
Dave Ruby Howe and Max Quinn are your guides through the week's best new independent Australian songs. Meet the next big Australian breakout and stay ahead of the curve. You'll also hear only the very best special content from triple j Unearthed.
Katie dot Show
Each week, Emmy-winning tech expert Katie Linendoll breaks down the latest trends, shares first looks in technology and science and interviews the most notable minds in the industry.
Julie Foucher is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, family medicine resident, and member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. Her passion lies in combining what she has learned through CrossFit and medicine to inspire and empower others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. In this show, she highlights influential and inspiring individuals who use lifestyle to support optimal health.
BcG. Podcast
Tune into the BcG. Podcast where brilliant minds connect to talk sports + hip-hop + sneakers and more. We will feature interviews & have in-depth conversations about music as we give our viewpoints on the most intriguing trending topics. For more check out!
Unsigned Hip Hop
Unsigned Hip Hop is a new podcast brought to you by Mateo Meira and Dan Gilman. Every other week we will play exclusive tracks that you cant hear anywhere else. If you have some original tracks that you want on the show send them to Mateo at
Blink-182 have 155 songs. Josiah and Sam are going to talk about all of them.
Blink-182 have 155 songs. Josiah and Sam are going to talk about all of them.
Ya F#cked It
Brian Six & Ryan Shaner should be dead. Download, listen and share these chaotic, reckless and mostly stupid life choices these two have experienced. Let them tell you about their bad choices, so you feel better about yours.
Pop Fashion
Writer Lisa Rowan and fashion stylist Kaarin Vembar discuss fashion news, pop culture, business, and creativity.
Inside the minds of Pete Zias and The Black Ken as they discuss hot topics, perform original sketch comedy, and prank call unsuspecting innocents.
Sean LeFloch and Scott Hagnas explore the world of fitness, wellness, and longevity.
90s Percentile
Straight outta WEE Studios, 90s Percentile is a podcast talking about everything from the 1990s, and maybe also everything before and after.
Join Joy Parrish and Claire Koch every Thursday for the first podcast specifically for women who aren’t afraid to lift heavy, work hard, and be a little ridiculous. Together Joy and Claire talk about being not-so-intense CrossFit(TM) athletes, why leggings should always count as pants, Mean Girls, and what happens when you start blasting Britney in the middle of Fran. Y’know, the important stuff.
A couple of Jewish guys from San Francisco grappling with the world's problems through a very familiar lens.
Conversations about design, branding, creative business, products, footwear, technology and entrepreneurship in the sports industry. Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy (Feb. 2015). Missing episode numbers are paid & private community content. Join the community at
2 Dope Boys & a Podcast is a twice weekly culture and trends podcast that takes a deep dive into race, culture, business, technology and the arts to help you understand your future as well as the present. A trend savvy resource for creative professionals and an audio deep think for everyone who cares about “what’s good?” and why. Hosted by Michael Brooks and Philip L. McKenzie.
The Barbell 1 Show
5 days a week! Subscribe today to get the science of building muscle on the daily. Join natural bodybuilder John Bosse, MS, RD as he reviews scientific research studies daily and shares practical application tips. Tune in for interviews with leading coaches, professionals and athletes as they share case studies and unique perspectives.
Pro MMA Radio is the hardest hitting podcast in the hardest hitting sport in the world. Industry insider and expert Larry Pepe pulls no punches in this weekly podcast filled with brutally honest analysis and commentary that you won't hear anywhere else. The truth and nothing but the truth from a veteran media personality who isn't afraid to hold promotions, athletic commissions, fighters, media types and those in power accountable. Pro MMA Radio is the official and exclusive mixed martial ar ...
Lineup MMA
Sean Wheelock, Ben Askren and Joe Warren’s MMA podcast
Latest MMA News|MMA Radio|MMA Interviews
WLSHOES' Podcast
This podcast was created with creators in mind. We share the stories of creators from all walks of life – designers, musicians, photographers, illustrators, and more – to give listeners an inside look on how they got started and the path they took to turn their passion into a career.We can be reached at
Early Stoppage
A relaxed MMA podcast with two regularly relaxed guys.
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Joe + Ayana go in-depth on the Freedom Football League, Giannis Declines LeBron's offer to train during summer, Nick Cannon Defending Kevin Hart + more.
Joe + Ayana go in-depth on who they feel is the King Of R&B, Grammy Nominees, Ice Cube teaming up with MTV Studios for Celebrity Death Match and much more.
If you’re carrying 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies in spare change that equals $1.19. You’ll be carrying the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar. Just saying. Shuffle. This week we kick off with someone telling us about seeming like an assh#le without actually being an assh#le and the situations yo ...…
Episode 116 of the Fitness, Wellness, and Longevity Podcast is live!#In this week's episode, Scott and Sean discuss their perspectives on pleasing clients versus giving them what they need. They go on to talk about the upcoming Dubai Fitness Championship, the first ever sanctioned Crossfit event outside of the Crossfit Games. All this and more! ...…
“If you have awareness, and you have this ability to regulate mood states and thinking, you have this mental agility, and then you have this ability to cultivate character and then connect deeply… you really have this life filled with this positive optimism. Hopefulness. That’s incredible, that’s really incredible. That in a nutshell is resilie ...…
Ben Greenfield is one of the godfathers of health and fitness podcasting, so we were thrilled to get to interview him at the #PODCASTHARD event in Tahoe this past September. In this episode, we talk with Ben about the difference between honing your performance with biohacking vs. missing the forest for the trees when it comes to your health. Do ...…
21 Question series of my wife talking about life - fitness - relationship - the early Jeremy Scott Fitness years and more Become a supporter of this podcast:
Quick rant on not falling for the quick fix, easy way out scams. The true magic is in the work you are willing to put in. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Take our 7 Day Mindset Assessment to level up your health, happiness and life. Simple steps that we often overlook on our pursuit of our goals. Become a supporter of this podcast:
What we don’t Make meal plans and actually coach people instead to learn how to eat for life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Just a quick list of must read books to help you guys keep crushing life and reaching your goals! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Six might have dementia. Shaner discusses his newest Tinder date. Then Shaner is amazed when he hears about Six's once legendary status as a soccer player. Also, Shaner talks about getting boners when he was on the wrestling team.
The one about "Don't Mean Anything." Featuring Kyle Mabson. Kyle shows up around 1:31:13. Follow Kyle on Instagram: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Check out Kyle's insane Bandcamp compilations: Follow the pod on Twitter: https://twitte ...…
The one about "Don't Mean Anything." Featuring Kyle Mabson. Kyle shows up around 1:31:13. Follow Kyle on Instagram: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Check out Kyle's insane Bandcamp compilations: Follow the pod on Twitter: https://twitte ...…
Space heaters make their debut this week in the Twilight Lounge, warming up the room enough to propel Goldbrener and Rosen into a surprisingly deep conversation about Judaism, the Torah and faith. Before that, though, they touch on all manner of shallowness ranging from smart phone addiction to the cognitive decline of the family dog, … Continu ...…
What does it sound like when a group of bratty punks canonise an Australian cricket player in song? Plus, you're gonna meet a former Unearthed High artist who's really on the glow up.
The only fashion show that matters in December just had its lowest ratings ever! We're still talking about Payless's advertising stunt, along with another ad campaign that involved a high-tech dress. Chanel will stop using exotic animal skins, there's trouble for Raf Simons at Calvin Klein, and word on the street is that your fast fashion cloth ...…
Believe it or not, 2018 is wrapping up – and we have a lot of processing to do. We start this week’s J&C episode with reflecting a little bit about the past year, and then discuss a list of things that everyone *should* be able to do by age 40 – from learning how to stop apologizing, to feeling good about going to bed at 8pm if you want to. Unp ...…
Hosts: Stephen & Danielle with the Midnight Hounds: Xena, Duke, Rusty and Morty Our dynamic duo jumps all over the dial talking some horror genre tv series of 2018. Dani reviews American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Stephen plugs his addiction to Shudder's The Last Drive In. We recommend the master story telling of Netflix's the Haunting of Hill H ...…
Talking programming and how to construct a workout program that makes sense for you and your goals. Great for fitness professionals and also fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more about getting the most out of their time in the gym. Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Welcome back… it’s December… Christmas is coming… End of the year is coming… pendejadas are coming. First things, first… if you review the review show don’t base it on this one. Not saying it isn’t strong but by some standards (that we don’t adhere to), it might not be top shelf. We do talk about the upcoming Adventures in Lyfting, which took a ...…
We are so excited to welcome Steph Hammerman back to the podcast this week (you can check out her first appearance in Episode 110)! Quite a few things have changed since the last time we had Steph on the podcast, from meeting the man of her dreams to conquering Lymphoma, and now becoming the proud owner of her new gym, Hammer Driven Fitness. We ...…
5 of the biggest things I see holding people back from being successful in fitness, business, relationships and overall life happiness. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode 115 of the Fitness, Wellness, and Longevity Podcast is live! Head over to iTunes to listen now!#In this week's episode, Sean shares his experience teaching his first workshop including things he would have changed and things that went great. Scott talks about his workshop in the works (pun intended as well). All this and more!!!#Have a ...…
It’s about that time … time to get serious about starting training for Ironman 70.3 Traverse City, a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run triathlon set for Aug. 25, 2019. Yes, this race is 8 months away. There is plenty of time ahead to get ready for this inaugural race. And yet, if you’re like Heather and this distance and event is go ...…
Six talks about how (according to his dad) he needs to call Lorne Michaels and tell him to put him on SNL. Shaner gets dumped again, but not by a girl, by a friend over DM’s because of who he associates with. They are both considering playing arena football this season.
Hosts: Blockbusterguy Frank , Stephen & Doms, with @Orobasart Recorded Live from Florida Supercon 2018 in Ft Lauderdale, Fl in room 124-125 on July Thursday the 12h, 2018 @ 5:45pm Blockbuster Guy Frank puts his atomic breath towards entertaining you by leading a discussion on that that International Sensation Godzilla! Support Smash.Miami and s ...…
The one about "When I Was Young." Featuring Jaik Puppyteeth. Jaik shows up around 1:35:16. Follow Puppyteeth on Instagram: Follow Puppyteeth on Twitter: Follow the pod on Twitter: Follow the pod on Instagram: ...…
The one about "When I Was Young." Featuring Jaik Puppyteeth. Jaik shows up around 1:35:16. Follow Puppyteeth on Instagram: Follow Puppyteeth on Twitter: Follow the pod on Twitter: Follow the pod on Instagram: ...…
Quick Rant ~ Don’t let the 1% of negative people on the internet hold you back form creating content and giving value to the world. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Your Unearthed Artist Of The Year follows up his J Award win with an absolute heater. Plus, Taj Ralph graduates from Unearthed High with a new song!
Dolce & Gabbana exploded over the weekend, and a specialty retailer had a Thanksgiving meltdown. So much for a strong Q4, y'all. Cyber Monday broke records, Toys R Us employees are finally getting some severance money, and Tory Burch is buying back a stake in her company. Changes are afoot (again) at Conde Nast, and we've got a new favorite fit ...…
An illness-wracked Rosen returns to the Twilight Lounge after Thanksgiving, sporting a nasty cough and less than 25 percent laptop battery life, forcing the boys into a truncated post-holiday episode. Join them this week as they recount their respective holiday breaks, touching on turkey skeletons, dog shows and proper snacking strategies befor ...…
Claire had a birthday this week (Happy Birthday!), so of course this week’s J&C episode starts with some reflections from her 30th year, and thoughts going into 31. We talk about what it really means when people say “leap and the net will appear,” and why it’s important to remember that there are no solutions wrapped up with bows in real life. ...…
How I personally eat, keeping it simple and my tips to help you be successful eating daily regardless of your goals. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Talking motivation and how to keep rolling along on this health and fitness journey 24-7-365 Become a supporter of this podcast:
The shuffle touches on some random chingaderas, as is usual, including an update on the frijole hater lady. That leads into some discussion about Tijuana and the border events. We even talk about those moments when you or someone F’ed up the moment and kill the party. This takes the shuffle over to a conversation about being the grenade plus so ...…
This week we are so excited to be joined by Chrissy King! Chrissy is a writer, powerlifter, strength coach, and intersectional feminist working to dispel institutional sexism and racism within the fitness industry. We cut right to the chase in our conversation, and talk about confronting our various privileges, how to help elevate marginalized ...…
Can you believe we’re at 100 episodes?! It’s been a slow and steady process over the past 3+ years, but consistency sure pays off! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for listening and continuing to support me through this shift in my career from CrossFit Games athlete, to medical student, and now soon-to-be family medicine p ...…
Teaser for the sclusie "Hugheses Meet the Barkers: Episode 3." Punish yourself with the Sclusie Stream: Buy the Blink-155 shirt:
Teaser for the sclusie "Hugheses Meet the Barkers: Episode 3." Punish yourself with the Sclusie Stream: Buy the Blink-155 shirt:
Welcome back to the Fitness, Wellness, and Longevity Podcast!!! This week we talk about fitness and nutrition around the holidays and some strategies to make it easy to get through a tricky time. Please follow and review our podcast! If you have any questions for the podcast, please send them to!…
Hosts: Stephen& Danielle Our humble hosts roll around geeking out in the Vunda-mobile and review season 1 of Hulu's Future Man. Support Smash.Miami and see how you can help and have fun! Throw us some Ko-fi money to support our efforts! Catch us Mondays on our Internet Radio home the Radioactive Underground RADIATE.FM Tweet the Show: @Vundablog ...…
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