Best slackers podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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Slacker & Steve
Slacker & Steve
American Slacker Podcast is hosted by Matthew Gertz and Jesse Landers. They discuss bizarre news, technology, electronics, combat sports and the odd interview.
Talented Slackers
Podcast by Talented Slackers
A "comedy" podcast of 4 friends who should be doing anything else.
As two (2) recent college graduates and current awkward 20-somethings, friends and fellow crazy people Tanner and Erick understand that we are living in socially revolutionary times. They don't really do anything on this podcast to address that but they do get a tad inebriated and discuss the trivial things that you probably actually care about deep down once you get past all the fake woke-ness on the surface. This includes everything from music to condiments. So uhhhhh yeah, welcome in, Dads.
Hacker Slacker
Hacker news summary podcast hosted by Jacob Peddicord. Each episode covers my favorite article from the day as well as 3 other recommended reads.
Slackers Studio
Slackers Studio, a podcast from one group of slackers to another! Join us in the Studio and crack open a beer as we discuss gaming, movies, beer, and fun! Lazyness takes effort, slacking takes time!Hosted by: @JackSmythVFX and @Beareded_Ed
Slackers Lounge
Two average Joe's in the Slackers Lounge discussing various topics of interest.
Slacker Geeks
Podcast by Slacker Geeks
Tech Podcast by two cool Irish guys ♥
Slacker Cats Show
Series of podcasts dedicated to House music from Kvinto & Dreamwork
"Slackers Ate My Neighbors" is a horror movie podcast aimed at everyday casual movie fans. It was created by hardcore horror community aficionado Teen Idol, aspiring horror fanatic Rab, & casual movie buff Christine. We specialize in reviewing classic horror flicks that are gory, fun, scary, & are not exactly cinema masterpieces-at least not to film critics! Even though the idea for this cast was inspired by the hardcore horror community, it should be clear that this project is aimed at your ...
The Gifted Slackers podcast: With varied topics weekly(ish), this podcast is hosted by Brandon Minaya of Disfigured Media.The style of our first 13 episodes helped us build a base of core listeners who seemed to be entertained by the regular life problems and perspectives of myself and my friends- that is still continuing in the future alongside NEW content including shorter-form conversations, political analyses, and interviews of people that I think you should know/care about who are actua ...
Mixed Exclusively by DJ Gary B "Da Slackers Mid Day Mix" was created for those music minded individuals who love listening to finely crafted quality mixed music throughout the day.
Join actor Jack Black and director Richard Linklater as they discuss their new tragicomedy, "Bernie." Black stars as a mortician who strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when he kills her, he goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she’s alive.
Great Mate Debate
Slacker & Steve's Great Mate Debate on Alice 105.9!
Deserter Pubcast
Shirk, rest & play. Living and loafing in South London with Dulwich Raider and Dirty South from leading slacker website, Deserter. Recorded in the very heart of some boozer or other.
Hear the twisted tales from the travels of a bizarre duo of slackers with dreams of world domination.
Worst Contact
Worst Contact chronicles the adventures of Tobes and Jesse. Our intrepid slackers are thrust into the spotlight after their middling podcast "Gnar Talk Radio" is accidentally uploaded to the NASA deep-space radio broadcast. It is well received by an alien culture who take it upon themselves to make first contact with Earth. Too bad they only want to learn of our existence from these two dopes.
Slacker & Steve's Other People's Problems on Alice 105.9
A view about life, technology, art, and all things that people love to debate/discuss/argue about.
Unauthorized podcast of everyone's favorite Slacker and Steve as well
Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). A bass guitarist for garage band Sex Bob-omb, the 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams...literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him. Genre-smashing filmmaker Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) tells the amazing story of one romantic slacker's quest to power up with love in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Gen Ex Pastor
90’s slacker turned evangelical pastor turned ex-pastor and the journey through a change of faith from the Pentecostal religion.
The Stupid Review is's look back at the best viral videos from the past week. Consider it the slacker's guide to the latest and greatest comedy and bloopers from across the web. Want more? Stop by for fresh videos daily, as well as our gigantic library of funny videos, pictures, games, soundboards and more!
Eat Me
A band from a seaside town in England. Shambolic slacker indie-rock wannabes.FFO: Weezer, Pavement, DinoJr, Suede, Thin Lizzy."They're like a violent Hanson"
Val Pals
Val Pals is the one and only Val Kilmer/Self-Help podcast in which hosts Robert Flippo and Tyler Welter, slacker millennial poster children, seek to better their lives using the lessons they learn from Val Kilmer movies.They'll be watching every Val Kilmer film in chronological order, every other week for however long it takes. Follow us on Twitter:@RobertFlippo@TylerWelterAnd like us on Facebook:
A short sharp shock of music, nonsense and more, aggressively served hot by your local slacker kings Danny 'maverick' Smith and Phil 'goose' Barber.Your can be our wingman
Got Off Topic
Got Off Topic is a podcast by three slackers from Austin, TX that get together and talk about literally anything we can think of. Throw in some Oddball News stories, and some rants, and you've got hilarity, and offensiveness...
The Adult Babies Show is a comedy podcast where 3 men in their thirties (a comedian, a musician, and an your average slacker from Long Island) talk about things that you probably talked about in your 20's and teens.
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Rich and Doug plow the fallow ground of the listeners' soul in an attempt to sow greatness into this next generation of gum chewing slackers and it's pure gold. Enjoy. Catch the video version HERE: Don’t miss the next one! Sign up for the podcast on your favorite platforms: 📲🔥 Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play ...…
Episode 12 of the Offensive Content podcast! Drex is a total slacker and we have a backlog of episodes. Enjoy this two part release, consisting of our regular debauchery.
Episode 13 of the Offensive Content podcast! Drex is a total slacker and we have a backlog of episodes. Enjoy this two part release, consisting of our regular debauchery.
Viper-Oceania Sound Revolution - Radio Sessions - Saturday's 11pm-12am (NZST) New Zealand Standard Time. for full access to Sound-Revolution Radio playing the finest in Electronic Dance Music 24/7. ♫ Welcome to the extended Classic Mix .. bringing back our favorite Dance/Trance Floor memories ♫ 1. Slacker - Scared (The Lonely ...…
Lil Alex brings over a game done on his other podcast (The Talented Slackers), where we recast old movies if they were remade today. This snippet comes from an unused episode we recorded on the topic of movies.By (DBYT).
Ep. 125 - Friday After Next by Talented Slackers
Slackers Studio: A Podcast for Slackers - Games, Movies, Beer and Fun! Episode 7: Your Mum, no really... Jack's MumThis weeks beer is not a beer! "Ecusson Cidre Rose"OUR LIVES:100 Press upsGetting fit for Tough MudderThis Week in Gaming & Our LivesED’s Week In Gaming:MOAR witcher 3Overwatch - ReinhardtPVPPPPPPPPPPPPPPJack’s Week In Gaming:Overw ...…
What up. Sorry this episode is late. We busy bois. Also I apologize if this sounds like trash. Erek kept pounding on the table like the lunatic he is and it was impossible to cut out. But hey, we announced the lineup for Dedicated Slackers Fest, so there's that. We also celebrate July Fifth (5th), the true American holiday.To stay updated on De ...…
Back in action!!! Tap in with me and the homie DENNIS BLAZE inside an ALL NEW #FRESHFRIDAYSHOW Ep. 27 with special guest CHINA MARIE. Special R&B Edition…Available for STREAM & DOWNLOAD! Check the tracklist below…ENJOY!!! Fresh Friday Show Week 27 RNB Edition w China Marie w Dennis Blaze + Radio Raymond T MARY J BLIGE – REMINISCE – CL SMOOTH RE ...…
Vi er endelig tilbake etter lang opphold. Kim og Tor tar for seg slacker-filmer. Hva er egentlig en slacker-film kontra stoner-film? Er Dazed and Confused ultimate slacker-filmen? Med det tar vi sommerferie og kommer tilbake til høsten, med en stor kunngjøring!
This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Uber's return to London, Facebook's drone WiFi program, the latest in consumer tech manipulation, the hyperconverged state of the union and more! 00:00 - Slackers gotta slack 06:33 - Uber's British Invasion 12:40 - Facebook's WiFi faceplant 15:00 - Github ADD Sidebar 21:30 - Consumer tech <3's cheap tri ...…
Stage Tales is the podcast that talk about rock and roll and all of the weird times that come with it. This month, host Jim Norris is joined by The Slackers, the ska, rockabilly bad boys from New York They discuss all of the madness of being a touring, beloved band that has been around since the beginning of the 90s. For more Stage Tales, head ...…
Well folks, we're finally back. And we have several announcements. We finally got an IG account @DedicatedSlackers and we will use our newly gifted Instagram powers to live stream our podcast at the Great House pool party on July 14. Also, DEDICATED SLACKERS FEST is Sunday August 12 at Muchmore's in Brooklyn. Stay tuned.Today though, we have so ...…
On the 100th episode of American Slacker hosts Matthew and Jesse discuss this week’s bizarre news, 100 things they f***ing hate, and the guys play a round of this or that! Click Here to Listen to EP100- Slacker Centennial To become a sponsor of the show click here! Check out the American Slacker Podcast Facebook Page, American Slackers Group, I ...…
The 47th episode! I (Jack Brew) am here to play you some of my favourite ska, reggae and ska punk tunes from around the globe! Today i am bringing back the featured cd... feature??? i am gonna play for you a few tracks from a specific album that is getting a lot of time in my cd player at the moment! this one is "Higher Guns" by Boston band The ...…
I am my sister's number one fan. And she is a pretty big fan of Beyoncé. I've been wanting to talk to her for the podcast for the longest time, and getting her review of the Beyoncé and Jay Z show was a perfect opportunity. Many a laugh is shared as we reminisce on our histories with music, both shared and individual, so much so that the beefed ...…
XL & Rev handle this episode as a duo - We had to record on an off night due to last weekend's Modern Funk Fest so Kevin & Jon couldn't make it. We tried to be nice and not roast them for flaking, with mixed results! We started out with a recap of MFF (5:10) at Chinatown's Grand Star Jazz Club where we discussed the peculiar lack of jazz there. ...…
Delving into their deepest, darkest and smelliest secrets the guys discuss their guilty pleasures and the notion of embracing or hiding them from other people. Special Guest Brandon aka Bobo from The Talented Slackers podcast! Drinks Consumed: Brooklyn Summer Ale (Gera), Martin House Salty Lady (Jeffy), Michelob Ultra (Lil Alex), Brooklyn Lager ...…
This week we get ourselves locked up in the Stormwind Stockades! In addition to looking at Pre/Post Cata changes, we explore what some of the bosses were charged with to get them imprisoned in the first place. Also Hogger. Because Hogger. Shout Out to Slacker Studios (@slackers_studio) and FrazlCast (@FrazlCast)!!!…
Ep. 122 - Teddy Perkins by Talented Slackers
Slackers Studio: A Podcast for Slackers - Games, Movies, Beer and Fun! Episode 5: Free-flowing Bonus Time!BONUS EPISODE! Kinda!We are in separate locations this time and each have a favourite beer to share with you. Elvis Juice and Hobgoblin!*This Week in Gaming & Our Lives*ED:- Still slowly levelling a Hunter - Searing Gorge is fun. - Have alp ...…
It's the Slackers' 20th episode! No idea how it's gone on this long...please make it stop. I think the exhaustion shows...there's a lot of yelling this episode. But hey our super serious band Unfair Edge just dropped a song for the first time ever so that's a plus.If you enjoy our annoying voices, please support on ...…
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