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Once the world was beautiful and full of people. Great concrete cities filled the landscape and steel buildings reached high into the sky. But now, a century after an unparalleled destruction, very few portions of that old world remain, and, in the land known only as “The Waste”, the few remaining fragments of a glorious past are breaking down, wearing out and disappearing on a daily basis. Yet, it is more than just artifacts and memories of the past at stake when a new enemy arrives. Floodi ...
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Entertainment Reporter Robin Milling engages in candid conversations with today's hottest stars in movies, theater, music, television, and sometimes we do lunch!....Stay tuned!
Communication Strategist Kathryn Kellner shares the insight and expertise cultivated over her twenty-five-year career as a consultant and educator to help you better understand device-free human-to-human interaction in the digital age.
Desert Oracle Radio is a weekly road trip through the weird American desert from the publisher of Desert Oracle, the acclaimed field guide published in Joshua Tree, California. Hear tales of lost mines, mysterious lights, missing tourists, venomous creatures, weird history and weirder people. Hosted by editor Ken Layne and featuring a cast of intriguing mystics, oddballs, scientists and artists, Desert Oracle Radio is your evocative soundtrack for a desert night.The program is broadcast on F ...
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Joshua Tree has gone from turkey farmers to elaborately costumed weekenders, but the Old Testament view of the desert always comes true again.
We do some hard traveling over the Mojave looking for that sweet shortcut to the Land of Milk & Honey. There may be some hardscrabble miners chasing little space aliens from a crashed UFO, knowing the way things go out here.
Murder and madness and an estimate of the situation during this merry month of May.
People are finding all kinds of strange things on the desert ground: huge sandy circles in the Great Basin, weird three-clawed footprints in the Mojave ....
Rita Coolidge, one of the most celebrated and reknowned singer/songwriters from the 70s, has released a new CD, Safe In The Arms of Time. The music and the lyrics illustrate how Rita, who was born of Cherokee roots in Lafayette, Tennessee, has come full circle in her life with personal and professional fulfillment. Rita candidly chats with host ...…
What was Andy Warhol doing up in the High Desert north of Tucson, at a dude ranch? Also: Brendan Maze calls in from one of his investment properties in Victorville, where tumbleweed drifts have surrounded the development.
Tonight we come to you live from the Palm Springs Art Museum, where we celebrate the good times, the cooler times, and the 11 days of Desert Springtime that end with the celebration of Snakesgiving.
Sure is busy this week. Apparently there's a music festival down in the Low Desert. And: We remember the late, great Art Bell.
Springtime in the desert and all the creatures are awake. Plus: We talk UFOs with Jeremy Corbell on a cold night in Pioneertown.
Been too long since we got on the road. We are going to get on the road: Twentynine Palms Highway, Adobe Road, Amboy Road, Kelbaker Road, Route 66. Let's go. Get in the car.
It's a cold and windy night on the Mojave, and we're up in Flamingo Heights at the Outpost Projects/Curate Joshua Tree art show, "Found!" But what have we found? A lot of trouble in the desert preserve. RedBlueBlackSilver makes his live soundscapes and Brendan Maze invites himself to the program, along with questionable plans for the conservati ...…
What's going on over the desert? Why is everybody going nuts about UFOs again, anyway?
Who's that glowing lady by the irrigation canal? And why is she wailing in the night?
The smooth soulful stylings of Ruben Studdard are a natural fit for singing Luther Vandross. Ruben joins host Robin Milling to talk about his new CD, 'Ruben Sings Luther,' which is not only a tribute to the late singer but also a special gift to his mother who always played Luther around the house in Alabama when Ruben was just a kid. Ruben tel ...…
Christina Hendricks joins host Robin Milling to chat about her upcoming film, "The Strangers: Prey at Night." The thriller also stars Martin Henderson as her husband, Lewis Pullman as her son, and Bailee Madison as her daughter. The family literally have to fight off an intruder in their mobile home. Christina tells Robin she didn't have to loo ...…
We’re taking a trip out to Camp Cady on the Mojave River, whether we’re welcome or not, and regardless of what happened with Mr. Pantages.
30-second promo spot for KCDZ 107.7 FM, Joshua Tree.
30-second promo spot for KCDZ 107.7 FM, Joshua Tree.
Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire turns 50, and we do remember it, and we read it every year.
How does one summon the Yucca Man? Do you really want to know?
What is this Mysterious Mojave we go one about? And what are the labor & ethical violations at Brendan Maze's online-fufillment center in the desert?
Parallel dimensions and the mysterious Utah ranch bought by aerospace businessman Robert Bigelow. With guest Jeremy Corbell.
In the same manner by which a conductor's movements are reflected in the performance of the orchestra, gesture is intricately tied to the formation and articulation of thought. Gesture and Thought mutually inform one another with physical and mental patterns that seek consistency in expression. Linear movements pair with clipped sentence struct ...…
It's our first annual Christmas show, and Santa brought proof of the Pentagon's UFO-study group.
Host Robin Milling chats with The Lodge At Woodloch sommelier Leslie Britt who likes to think of herself as a 'wine slinger.' She jokes with the guests, giving them the proper phonetic pronunciation, as 'som-el-yay'! Leslie is actually a certified specialist in both wine and spirits. Leslie holds a diploma in wine and spirits from the Wine And ...…
Satan's breath and the wildfires of California. Guest: High Desert artist Kate McCabe.
Everybody loves a news story about a dumb crackpot crashing a rocket in the desert—especially if by "everybody" you mean "news editors in Los Angeles."
Join host Robin Milling for Let's Do Lunch! at The Tree Restaurant at The Lodge At Woodloch where spa cuisine is much more than a peanut on a rice cracker. Their portions are just right and all about healthy nourishment served with wine or homemade 'clean' cocktails; with herbal ingredients grown right on property in their Blackmoor garden. A h ...…
Our first annual Thanksgiving show, recorded live at the Ace Hotel's Commune Theater in Palm Springs. Guests: UFO documentary director Jeremy Corbell and area businessman Brendan Maze.
Milling About visits The Lodge At Woodloch, a destination spa in Hawley, Pennsylvania in the heart of the Poconos, which offers serenity and relaxation in a woodsy environment that not only makes you feel calm, but also invigorated. The focus is to bring nature into the treatment room. Host Robin Milling chats with Treatments Manager Amanda Cla ...…
Recorded live at the Ace Hotel with Doc Daniels of Mojave Phone Booth infamy. He even brought the phone booth!
What happens when you combine a Joshua Tree EDM festival with an anti-Halloween church's harvest fair? Nothing good, as Brendan Maze finds out. Also: The strange true tale of the Old Woman Meteorite.
Director Rob Reiner has made films about presidents before as in the Michael Douglas led, The American President. This time he is exploring the real life making of an American president in LBJ starring Woody Harrelson as Lyndon B. Johnson. Reiner joins host Robin Milling to candidly discuss the making of LBJ from the make-up process Woody had t ...…
The dark side of the romantic story of two missing hikers who died in each other's arms, sort of ... and with the help of a handgun.
Menacing manta-rays hovering over the Mojave Desert ... what does it mean and where are they from?
Apocalypse in the desert, plus an interview with local businessman Brendan Maze about his plans to market Mojave Mirage sparkling water from the Cadiz aquifer.
JPL founder Jack Parsons and his sex-magick buddy L. Ron Hubbard opened up a stargate to Hell in the Mojave Desert.
Back in 1967 Poco was founded by Rusty Young, Richie Furay, George Grantham and Jim Messina. Over the years the band recruited Paul Cotton, Randy Meisner, and Timothy B. Schmidt. Now 50 years later Rusty Young is still making music with his new CD, "Waitin' For The Sun," which includes the familiar and classic Poco sound with his own personal r ...…
What happens in the hands is an extension of what is happening in the body. By consciously building an understanding of how organic Gesture manifests in your own body, you can gain an understanding of how to make strategic choices about what gesture to deliberately employ to serve your communicative goals. By pairing two core Gesture Patterns- ...…
The collaboration between veteran producer Narada Michael Walden and artist Jennifer Saran turned out to be a magical one. It began in South Africa with the single "Wake Up" - a call to everyone to become aware of what was going on in the world through music. It was during the time of Desmond Tutu's 85th birthday and inspired by the turmoil goi ...…
We take a weird road trip to Death Valley Junction, meeting astronauts, film crews, a Czech composer & other odd characters along the desert highway.
The Manson Family had a plan, once the Helter-Skelter race-war apocalypse was underway: They'd ride it out in Death Valley, hidden away at a dirty little ranch in the Panamint Mountains.
Brendan Maze is developing a new, completely safe tourist attraction for millennials visiting Joshua Tree: an underground bunker for the secure viewing of desert UFOs.
It's August and that means tourists are disappearing in Joshua Tree National Park. Couldn't pick worse weather for it, either! Plus: The Old Ranger.
Never before have Santana and The Isley Brothers, two accomplished musical legends in their own right, collaborated together in the studio until now. Power of Peace celebrates the musical unity between Carlos Santana, Ron Isley and Ernie Isley. The album also marks a familial gathering as they are joined by their wives - Cindy Blackman Santana, ...…
October 7, 1965: All through the night, baffling lights and unknown craft bedeviled pilots and control-tower crew at the famed Mojave Desert "Right Stuff" Air Force base. And it's all on tape.
We revisit the baffling mass sighting over Arizona and Gram Parsons' sad death in Joshua Tree. Guest: Nicole Holland from the beloved Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley.
The Mormons named Joshua trees for the Old Testament war hero Joshua. But Jesus is named for the same guy. So why aren't they called Jesus trees? Plus, Jeremy Corbell on his weird new documentary, Patient Seventeen. #jesustree
Our premiere episode, broadcast across the Mojave Wilderness on KCDZ 107.7 FM and direct to your ear-holes via the Internet. With Brendan Maze on his new high-density desert Air BnB rentals and Jeremy Corbell, Pioneertown's UFO documentary director.
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