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Sermons & Teachings from Heartland Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Southlands Church is located in Orange County, California.
The work and ministry of SermonIndex can be encapsulated in this one word: Revival. Concepts such as Holiness, Purity, Christ-Likeness, Self-Denial and Discipleship are hardly the goal of much modern preaching. Thus the main thrust of the speakers and articles on the website encourage us towards a reviving of these missing elements of Christianity
The weekly message from our local church, Jesus Culture Sacramento, a community of believers passionate about raising up leaders to impact every realm of society with the supernatural power and love of God.
Sermons from Metro Christian Fellowship
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Both Caesar Augustus and Jesus were heralded as saviors of the world who brought peace. Who are you trusting? Here is a blog post about the vision I had in December of 2014: Alan Frow Isaiah 10:34 -11:10
“Excellence is connected to the core value of: I want to bring my best to God.” In this message, Pastor Banning Liebscher shares on the value of excellence. In a world that strives for perfection, we are called as believers to live a life of excellence. Excellence is far different from perfection. Excellence is bringing our very best to God and ...…
Pastor Jordan talks about giving meaning to our seasons of waiting.By
Let’s dive deep into Jesus’ family as we begin this Christmas season and see how our past does not define God’s power in our lives. Shame doesn’t have a hold on you, because of Jesus. Alan Frow / Matthew 11:2-19, 28-30
The Lord is passionate about our growth and maturity. Pastor Banning Liebscher shares how God’s desire for our lives is that we would be conformed into the image of His Son. If we are passionate about looking like Jesus, we therefore must be passionate about growth and daily moving towards maturity. Out of His goodness and love, God’s heart for ...…
On the first Sunday of Advent Pastor Dave talks about the meaning of hope.By
Some of the hardest times to praise is when we need to praise the most. Think of Paul and Silas in the book of Acts chapter sixteen. Instead of seeing a great break though from the calling to Macedonia, they find themselves in prison, tired, beat up and I’m sure discouraged. They didn’t lick their wounds, they chose to praise, and great breakth ...… Matt Nethers / Matthew 10
We are made in the image of a Father who values celebration! Just like we see in the story of the prodigal son, the act of celebration is part of His character. It is incredibly powerful, not only for the person being celebrated but for those who are choosing to celebrate. This week at JC Sacramento we are continuing our series, The Church I Se ...…
Pastor Dave speaks on the Kingdom of God coming to fruition.By
Francis Chan speaks on a very important subject of Church Unity and the sacredness of the Church.
Ignatius, who is also called Theophorus, to the Church which is at Ephesus, in Asia.
Jesus encouraged the Sadducees in Mark 12 to correct their ways by knowing the word and the power of God. Pastor Matt shares how this same call exists for us to know Jesus by knowing the word and allowing his power to move in our lives.… Alan Frow / Matthew 7:28 – 8:28
This Sunday our friend, Efrem Smith of Bayside Midtown Sacramento, shared a powerful message on what we, as the collective church, are called to. In a broken world, we are each called to rise up and share the power of His reconciliation. No matter your circumstances, you are called to rise up and demonstrate His love, truth, hope and peace to t ...…
Pastor Dave speaks on hearing God in our everyday lives and walking in obedience to his prompts.By
Jesus has completed the work of redeeming the world to God and now sits at God’s right hand. All authority is his. In this resting position, Jesus upholds us. We can rest from our striving. Erik Santiago / Matthew 6:5-15
The church is a family, not a business. How you see something determines how you interact with it; and we are all called to engage in the church community. When Jesus said that He came to earth to serve, He also called us to live as He did. Throughout His life He not only taught on the importance of servanthood but displayed it in every area of ...…
Chris shares about encouraging others through prophecyBy Alan Frow / Matthew 5:1-16
We are not called to have a casual relationship with Scripture; we are called to submit to Scripture as the final authority in our lives. For many, the word submit feels like a restrictive term but in reality, God calls us to submit so that we can experience freedom. The foundation you build your life upon matters and the truth of Scripture is ...…
Pastor Ryan Rosser talks about the tent of meeting. In the Old Testament, the tent of meeting was outside the camp of the Israelites. Since Jesus came, the tent of meeting is within each of us. Ryan MacDonald / Matthew 4:12-25
We, as the collective Church, are living in the greatest harvest in human history. What our world might see as chaos, dysfunction, pain and hopelessness, Jesus see’s as a ripe harvest. Honestly, we have all probably looked at the headlines and felt defeated. However, we are the solution! Listen as our good friend and guest speaker, Andy Byrd en ...…
Pastor Dave preaches on how many of Jesus' miracles and teachings happened when people were eating togetherBy
David Gunsolley talks about how, as we experience Jesus’ love, we are set free from shame, worry, and guilt. Tom Tappington
The Christian life is one where we should consistently see impossible things bow at the knee to Jesus. Throughout His time here on earth, Jesus’ life boldly revealed that our God is a God of miracles! He also made clear that we, the collective Church, were to continue this pursuit of radical faith throughout our own lives. This week at JC Sacra ...…
Pastor Jeremie shares about walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit and loving others even when it's uncomfortableBy
God gives us an amazing ability to control our perspective, our paradigm. The world and the devil will try to shift our paradigm to their priorities. We need to be diligent in keeping our eyes on God’s truth. Shifting your paradigm handout… Alan Frow / Matthew 4:1-11
This past Sunday, our very own SeaJay Liebscher, gave a powerful word on authenticity. Living an authentic life is, first and foremost, rooted in the Word. This is because apart from the Word, we cannot truly know ourselves. The reality many of us live in is unspoken comparisons. Our filter of life is not always seen through who God has created ...…
Pastor Dave talks about expressing the heart of the Father with the people closest to usBy
You don’t want revival—it will ruin your schedule, your dignity, your image, and your reputation as a person who is ‘well balanced.’
Pastor Fitch shows that once God has revealed His will to us.
There is an anointing of breakthrough on this word. Keep listening to it until you get down deep in your heart what the Lord is saying to you. Get free and ride the wave! Rynelle Frow / Matthew 3:1-17
God’s heart for His church is a unified, generational church. The call on each of our lives is deeply tied to each generation being connected and standing together. Listen to this message by Pastor Banning Liebscher as he takes us through what it means to not just connect our generations, but learn to value and honor each other. Whether you are ...…
Kieth preaches on how to keep the promise of fulfillment in our hearts in the day to day.By
Do you need a lift of encouragement? Feeling like you are all alone in your walk of faith? Pastor Matt shares from Hebrews 12 concerning the great cloud of witnesses to encourage us to trust Jesus. Alan Frow / Matthew 2:12-23
Inside all of us is an ember of hope that ignites our faith. The only way we can move in faith is by being connected to hope in our lives. When you look at your future, your finances, or your relationships do you have a confident expectation of health and goodness in those areas? If we are honest, many of us look at the future with dread, worry ...… Joel Baker/Matthew 2:1-12 JD Senkbile/Matthew 2:1-12
On this week’s episode, Banning continues “The Church I See” series with a message on being radically generous. His message reminded us how generous our Father is! We have the example of Jesus to look to as we carry out our mission here on earth. Jesus came to perfectly represent and reveal the Father to the world, and we are called to do the e ...…
Pastor Dave teaches on sharing your testimony of what God has doneBy
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