The BanterCast: Episode 5 "Quantum Creep"


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Episode 5 - "Quantum Creep" The Tabbzy & Charltzy Show, also known as The BanterCast.
This week the lads leave no ethnic or racial group unscathed in this jam packed episode.
The agenda for this episode:
*BanterCast Ripoffs, Urban Dic words
*The Banter Network (Your FakeBook comments)
*Dave and his Robot Wife - Episode 1
*Banterous Links (Inc.Racist Gas Companies!)
*An exclusive clip from Quantum Creep!
*Top 10 (Boring Sports made more interesting)
*Music from DiabloRose
*I can't believe they do Japan (Pissing games and pissed up monks)
*Google Window!
Plus some outrageous outtakes...
This Episode of The BanterCast was sponsored by Father Jack Michaelson at the Quantum Creep Project
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