Episode 8: Wendy Rosen, Author of “The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning”


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Wendy Rosen joined us in sharing her story and talking about how vision is an important factor in children’s learning. After her daughter was treated for vision learning related problems, she was inspired to reach out to other teachers and parents through her book and podcasts.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • 1 in 4 children are affected from vision related problems; however, many teachers and parents are unaware or are misdiagnosing children.
  • 80% of what we learn is through vision. If there is a deficiency in any basic skills, it puts the individual at a disadvantage, no matter how intelligent he/she is.
  • Eyesight and vision are two different concepts. There is more to vision than just how clearly an object appears; vision happens in the brain and encompaces many more skills.
  • A standard vision exam may only cover 5% of vision problems that can occur in a child. He/ she may have 20/20 vision but it is very possible there are still underlying issues.
  • Vision issues have been overlooked due to the fact that it is difficult to understand what a child sees and the lack of knowledge available to the public.
  • Through books and outreach, more and more families should become aware of vision- learning issues to “make the United States more vision literate”.

Resources Mentioned:

2012 Ohio State Study

The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed

Wendy is an education consultant specializing in vision-related learning problems, metacognition, and environmental education. A certified early childhood and elementary teacher with extensive classroom experience, she has also taught in experiential educational settings as a nature specialist, a marine field instructor, and an educational farmer.

Please consider reading her book (purchase) or pass it on to someone if you suspect there is a vision and learning related struggle. This book is an easy read and filled with a bunch of great information!

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