Organic Farming and Chicken Whispering with Grassway Organics


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This is Colin, of the Menasha Library Podcast, welcome back. We’re in the frigid doldrums of January now, silent winds blow through silent fields of ice and snow, yet still, we have meat on the grill, milk in our glasses, and eggs in the pan. Where are all these wonderful gifts coming from? A large warehouse of items called a supermarket? Plastic wrapped and cardboard boxed? What mythical factory creates this food we rely on? Today I turn back the clock and learn about our Wisconsin heritage. Learn about people who are carrying on this legacy of stewardship to the land, the animals, and the community: Our local Wisconsin farmers. There is something truly special about seeing exactly where your food comes from, walking over the very soil that nurtured it, and knowing that meticulous care and vigil was kept protecting the spirit of our Wisconsin farming tradition. And according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article on June 7th, 2016, “Wisconsin farmer’s leaders in organic food” by Jennifer Rude Klett, we are leaders in organic dairy and beef farms. That’s something to be proud of, and build on, for our future. Located in New Holstein Wisconsin, about a 45-minute well-worth-it drive from Menasha, the farm has 210 acres of pasture for grazing, various barns, and a farm store. I arrived a chilly December night to a porch full of animal friends. A chicken and dog napping together with cats delicately padding from unexpected directions, curious with the new visitor. Please visit Grassway Organics on the web or Facebook.

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