Marco Vigato: The Tunnels of Teotihuacan, Evidence of Megalithic Engineers


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Few of the modern visitors to Teotihuacan are aware of the vast and mysterious underworld of caves and man-made tunnels that extends under much of the ancient site and for miles around. The existence of these tunnels has been known for centuries, but not even the most recent research has been able to solve the mystery of their origin and purpose. Very much like at Giza, in Egypt, these tunnels are rumored to connect all the main pyramids by means of underground passageways, and perhaps even lead to the records of a lost civilization.
For the inhabitants of Teotihuacan, the labyrinthine network of caves and tunnels under the city represented the entrance to the Underworld. In the Codex Xolotl, the glyph used to represent Teotihuacan contains the depiction of two pyramids above a cave with a person inside. This suggests a possible connection with the Aztec traditions of Chicomoztoc, the “Place of the seven caves”, from which the present humanity was said to have emerged after a previous world was destroyed.
Recent discoveries at the Pyramid of the Serpent have uncovered large quantities of mercury and other compounds including pyrite and radon gas. Archeologists also discovered water was once continually delivered into a tunnel that ran underneath the pyramid, and may have resulted in some form of combustion of an unknown nature.
In this podcast, we’ll discover the vast network of underground tunnels at Teotihuacan, and evidence of early megalithic builders.
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