#004 Shelf Impactors™ Michael Duffy - Equator Design - Interview


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Shelf Impactors™ Episode Number 4 - Michael Duffy Interview. In this episode I interview Michael Duffy - Global Creative Director for Equator Design. Based in Chicago, Duffy has been instrumental in the fantastic growth that Equator Design has experienced over the last 10 years, becoming one of the world's top branding and packaging design agencies. We discuss how he transitioned from working in the UK to the US and the steep learning curve he endured getting to grips with a market that was somewhat different to the UK at the time. We discuss if there are any differences in the approaches he takes across his design teams when designing for both markets. We get Duffy's thoughts on what it takes to be a great designer and what valuable advice he would give to designers starting out on their careers in todays world. Michael Duffy - Global Creative Director - Equator Design: Website - www.equator-design.com Pinerest - Pinterest/equatordesign Twitter - EquatorDesignUS Facebook - weareequator Instagram - @equatordesign Linked In - Equator Design

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