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  1. The world's best are gritty.
  2. The world's best are clear on their purpose.
  3. The world's best become a master of their thoughts.
  4. The world's best know themselves to master yourself.
  5. The world's best dominate the controllables.
  6. The world's best own the moment.
  7. The world's best choose empowering emotions.
  8. The world's best own who they are.
  9. The world's best live and let go.
  10. The world's best choose their courage zone.

In her more than sixteen years coaching elite runners, Olympians, championship teams, executives, and entrepreneurs, world renowned performance psychologist Dr. Cindra Kamphoff has discovered these ten practices to be consistent among the world’s very best.

In her book, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High-Performance Edge, Dr. Kamphoff explains why each of these practices is important to discovering your purpose, “owning your why,” and boosting your performance through drive and grit, which Dr. Kamphoff argues prove more important than talent.

Dr. Kamphoff is the Director and Founder of the Center of Sport and Performance Psychology, founder of the High Performance Mindset Podcast, a professor in Performance Psychology at Minnesota State University, and a longtime marathoner.

Today Dr. Kamphoff will share with us a little about those 10 practices, and how we can develop them to achieve stronger, more confident running.

Questions Dr. Kamphoff is asked: 4:01 What sparked your passion for running and how did that turn into a career in Performance Psychology? 6:19 What inspired you to write your book Beyond Grit? 10:14 What are the 10 Practices you discuss in your book? 17:14 Which of the 10 Practices have you had to work on the most? 19:22 How can runners benefit from knowing their own strengths and weaknesses and how can they identify them? 24:02 Why is “Grit” more powerful than “Gift”? 28:04 How can people keep their ‘Why” centered in their lives? 33:26 How did your experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon reinforce your “Why” and how did it change your approach to coaching? 39:16 How does your Beyond Grit workshop help people gain confidence and push past their comfort zone? 41:37 What else is in the works for you?

Quotes by Dr. Kamphoff:

“Grit really means staying passionate and persistent for your very long term goals.”

“Self-awareness is foundational to high performance, and it’s foundational to you being at your best consistently.”

“If you ‘think’ it, that’s not going to be as intentional, but if you ‘ink’ it, that’s really key.”

“I really like this quote by Simon [Sinek] - he said, ‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, but working hard for something we love is called passion.’”

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