Elementary 69: Buying tools or not


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What kind of present do you get when you know that your friend is a little particular about things? Go ahead and bat around a few ideas, but it may be easier just to get a gift coupon and let him get what he wants later. And to help the discussion move along, in today’s lesson we do it all in Portuguese.
A: Eu estava aqui pensando, alguma ideia do que a gente poderia comprar para o aniversário do Carlos?
B: Olha, eu sei que a parafusadeira dele pifou a semana passada.
A: Boa ideia, e talvez um kit de brocas e parafusos também, né? O que você acha?
B: Eu não sei não, viu? Carlos é tão enjoado com a essa coisa de marca e qualidade das ferramentas dele.
A: É verdade, eu concordo, pode ser que ele prefere escolher a marca e o tamanho.
B: Nesse caso, vamos dar para ele um cupom de desconto.
A: Do you have any idea what we could get for Carlos’ birthday?
B: I know that his screw driver died last week.
A: That’s a good idea, and maybe a box of bits and screws too, right? What do you think?
B: I don’t know, you know? Carlos is pretty particular about brands and quality of this tools.
A: Yeah, I agree, he probably wants to choose his own brand and size.
B: In that case, let’s give him a discount coupon.

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