SIBO Diets with Dietician Kelly Issokson | Ep. 62


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Kelly Issokson, MS, RD, CNSC, specializes in treating patients with digestive conditions such as IBD, IBS, and SIBO. On today’s episode, she discusses whether we should be restricting our diet while following a SIBO treatment protocol, which diet we should follow and what to do when we fall off the waggon.

In Episode 62 of The Healthy Gut podcast, we discuss:

✓ The Cedars Sinai diet for SIBO – what it is, who it’s good for, why it’s quite different to the other SIBO diets, how long it should be followed for, and if people should use it while taking antibiotics or wait until after the killing phase

✓ Why we need to restrict our diet when the general consensus amongst SIBO docs is that diet alone does not cause SIBO

✓ Should non-symptomatic SIBO patients be following a SIBO diet?

✓ If people should be eating differently depending on whether they have hydrogen, methane, hydrogen sulphide SIBO or post infectious IBS

✓ How strict should people be on their diets and how bad ‘cheating’ really is for your recovery

✓ If sweeteners are safe to eat

✓ How to manage the reintroduction of foods, including when this should happen, how people should do it and what is the end goal is

✓ How to know if foods are causing symptoms

✓ How to manage unwanted weight loss/gain with SIBO

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