The Human Friendly Workplace 4 - Transforming Employee Experience at Vistaprint


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m5pi5b2sThe Human Friendly Workplace 4 - Transforming Employee Experience at Vistaprint Host: Jason Lauritsen Guest: Colleen Fuller, Head of Talent and Experience Transformation at Vistaprint When do you know that you need to do something different with performance management in your organization? What would happen in your organization if you stopped doing the performance appraisal and traditional 360 feedback altogether? “We sat down and started having real conversations with people. When you engage different groups of people you can learn so much.” - Colleen Fuller In today’s episode, Jason interviews Colleen Fuller from Vistaprint. There are many people talking about employee experience these days, Colleen and her team are actually doing it. “What would good look like?” was a question that Colleen and her team started asking a lot. During today’s conversation with Jason, Colleen explains how they blew up their performance management, ratings system, and 360 process to create a feedback system that is working for both management and employees. In the discussion, Colleen shares how they applied the tools of Agile development in HR to drive success. Listeners will learn why today’s workforce is not a one size fits all and how listening to the employees and creating real conversations is the way to creating a human-friendly workplace culture. Today’s episode is being powered by Small Improvements. Subscribe to all the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network shows wherever you get your podcasts m5pi5b2s

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