Episode 27 - Creating a LinkedIn Company Page


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This episode is about LinkedIn in particular whether you need a business page or company page and how to manage it if you are creating one.

Your personal LinkedIn profile is an extension of your personal network and brand. It’s a way for you to connect on a personal level online. A business page is slightly different. While personal profiles have connections, company pages have followers.

Some benefits of having a company page include:

  • Elevates the quality of talent applying for a role. Potential employees will review your company page, so make sure it reflects your organisational values.
  • Leverage company visual branding by including images and logos. A company page is also a great place to share videos.
  • Add specific products and services and launch new products and services.
  • Share updates and provide a collection of information team members can easily share within their own personal networks. This allows the company to engage with followers.

Some disadvantages include:

  • Needs an allocated page manager with a process in place for hand-over if the person leaves the organisation.
  • Ongoing maintenance is required to ensure relevance.

An important point to note is that if you attempt to set up a company as a personal profile, your profile will be removed by LinkedIn. This means you lose all your connections and will have to start all over again, as LinkedIn ultimately owns your connections, not you. So don’t risk it!

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