80 - Brian Godawa returns to talk about his newest book, Resistant: Revolt of the Jews!


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Greetings, congregants! John and Jed start the episode out by going down memory lane to fondly remember running from the police, pay homage to our recent departed, and talk about how John sucks when he's on his keto diet. Then, our good friend Brian Godawa returns to tell us about his newest book, Resistant: Revolt of the Jews! Jed gets him to spill the beans on Josephus, the Beast & The Harlot, mystery Babylon, how exactly Daniel fits in with revelation, and exactly what DOES the bible have to say about the end of days? Godawa.com Resistant: Revolt of the Jews and all books available exclusively at amazon.com churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com churchandotherdrugs.com

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