How To Make Five Figures in Revenue Per Day with Andy Mai


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How To Make Five Figures in Revenue Per Day with Andy Mai September 21, 2018

It’s not a myth, you can maintain a five-figure sale per day with drop shipping.

Andy Mai is here to tell us how. He attributes his drop shipping success to patience, angles and social advertisements. Andy has completely automated his income and has now expanded to consulting e-commerce B2B businesses. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to focus on personal branding and quality content.

In this episode, Andy talks about his first few months of drop shipping and the pivotal lessons that shaped his business model. He also explains his strategies for item testing and walks us through his campaign structure.

This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Andy teaches us:

How to transition from a B2C CEO position to a B2B consulting business The mindset you need to maintain when your business initially fails What lessons his first eBay shop taught him that he is implementing today How to make five figures in revenue per day

“The reason 99% of people don’t succeed in drop shipping is because they give up too early.”

“What yields the best results is working on yourself and creating content, building a brand and focusing on yourself.”

Connect with Andy:

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Resources Mentioned:

eBay – The platform Andy started his first business on

Facebook ads – Where Andy tests his advertisements

MapleStory – RPG game

A Platform: Where to buy and sell virtual goods

Aliexpress – A distributor Andy does not use

The Hard Thing About Hard Things – Book Recommended by Andy

Gary Vaynerchuk – Andy’s Virtual Mentor

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