PLEASURE: Kimberly Ann Johnson on World Changing Sex (Ep. 15)


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Episode 15: Pleasure

Learn about world changing sex and reawakening feminine pleasure with author and ‘vaginapractor’ Kimberly Ann Johnson.

“Get out of the therapy office and get into your bedroom. And get really honest and real moment by moment about what’s going on.” - Kimberly Ann Johnson

In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, author and ‘vaginapractor’ Kimberly Ann Johnson talks about the intention and purpose of sex and how we can move beyond physical sex into embodied spiritual sex.



Kimberly Ann Johnson is the founder of the holistic women's health collective Magamama. She serves as a birth doula, a certified sexological bodyworker and somatic experiencing practitioner. After her own birth injury and difficult postpartum period, she studied women’s pelvic health and developed a private practice that has helped hundreds of women around the world to heal from trauma around sex and birth.

We talk about the role that shame and guilt play in our cultural programming around sexuality and how we can begin to free ourselves from those harmful messages. She says that “having a conversation about it is already part of the solution.”

Kimberly encourages everyone to slow down during sex. She says that slow sex is radical sex because it allows us to access our transformative potential. She reminds us that “arousal energy is activation energy. So we have to build our capacity to hold energy.” Instead of focusing on a specific goal around sexual experiences, she urges us to ask, “what am I exploring? What parts of myself do I get to know better through erotic energy?”

We also talk about:

  • Alchemical sexual power

  • Authentic communication during sex

  • Self-generated feminine energy

  • Toxic masculinity in men and women

  • Infertility and low libido

  • The #metoo movement

  • Exploratory sex as preparation for childbirth


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