EU147: Unschooling as Flow with Robyn Robertson


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Robyn Robertson joins Pam to chat about how unschooling flows in their lives.

Robyn Robertson is an unschooling mom with two children and host of the podcast, Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids. We have wonderful conversation, diving into her family’s early travels, their move to unschooling, figuring out what unschooling looks like for them, her favourite thing about the flow of their unschooling days, and lots more!

Questions for Robyn

Can you share with us a bit about you and your family?

When your kids were young, you and your husband decided to embrace travel. How did that come about?

My understanding is that you guys began homeschooling while travelling because it made sense. How did you eventually discover unschooling and what did your family’s move to unschooling look like?

When we were emailing before the call, you described unschooling as being more about the flow of your family. I loved that and would like to dive into that idea. Let’s start with the challenge of defining unschooling in the first place. In unschooling circles it’s pretty common to hear that unschooling looks different for different families. And on one hand, the freedom of that is great! But on the other, it doesn’t help much if you’re newer to the idea of unschooling and trying to figure out what it does look like. What did that part of the journey look like for you?

Something that I eventually came to find fascinating about unschooling is how the flow of our days changes over time. Like the flow of a river changes over time. Has that been your experience?

What’s your favourite thing about the flow of your unschooling days right now?

You host the podcast, ‘Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids.’ I’d love to hear the story behind that project!

Links to things mentioned in the show

Robyn’s website, home to her podcast, Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids:

Pam was a guest on Robyn’s podcast, back in episode five, titled, Exploring Unschooling

Robyn’s active on Instagram, with both Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids and her personal account

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