Ep #62 Extended Discussion: You “Pilot”


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You “Pilot”


Pilots and Petards is about film pilots. This is the extended discussion for the series You pilot episode titled “Pilot.” If you’re not sure if you want to watch this series, click here for a spoiler free analysis and evaluation. You can learn more about Pilots and Petards’ format here. Please leave us an itunes review, and then follow Jimbo, Drew, and Liz on twitter. Click the link to see where You “Pilot” ranks in The Quest for the Best & Worst Pilots Ever.

Crabman Award: (2.38) Paco’s Mama

MVP Awards: (7.51) Pretty much Joe

Literary Analysis: (14.44) Beck and the title

Stormy Daniels Dangling Threads of Interests: (26.03) Privacy, Romantic vs Creeper

Shop Talk: (40.07) Drew has an ill house y’all

Petardar: (recommendations based on today’s viewing and conversation)

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