Daniel Weston: Founder, European Cricket League


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The start of the idea - 15 Go-Pros, streaming Cricket on Ice and getting 110,000 live viewers, getting senior members of TEAM marketing on board, 23m cricket fans in mainland Europe

How cricket became the fast-growing sport in Germany and Germany became the fastest growing country for cricket

The broadcast strategy of the first tournament

The standard of the play and nationalities playing the sport

The 25-year process for a Germany team that was born in Germany

Taking lessons from Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket in the 1970s

Why the are now 370 cricket teams in Germany

Taking on a T10 format

Competing with football

The business model for the European Cricket League

Getting over the perception of the pristine cricketing environment

Where do Scotland, Wales and Ireland fit in?

The life of a Germany cricket international

What are the future plans for the European Cricket League

What is the definition of success in Year One

* For contacts to Daniel and ECL go to http://bit.ly/MrRCWeston

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