I turned off my YouTube comments *Here's Why* | Salomondrin LTACY #305


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What's up my G's!? I hope this finally sets the record straight.

The show originally aired live on Salomondrin.com on 3/8/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on Salomondrin.com at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it.

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00:12 Michael Jordan Crying Meme is Dead

00:50 Antonio Brown

02:00 R Kelley Interview

02:29 Apex Legends

03:45 Captain Marvel

08:20 Elon Musk closing tesla stores

13:10 NBA players depressed

15:34 Mental Health Online

17:50 American Youtube Comments

21:23 Jess Smollet/ Toxic Comments

28:40 You can tag people in Comments on Salomondrin.com

30:20 Comments Affect the Community

34:39 R Kelly

36:00 Chow gets a Hat

37:25 Golden Showers

41:05 Cake Fetish

44:27 SLK

46:52 Sex in Cars

49:00 F8

50:20 Aston Martin Geneva

51:29 Project One


59:19 Speedtail

01:01:56 What garage would you spend a day at?

01:04:00 Daddy Doug

01:04:41 Kids

01:06:28 Salomondrin Mobile App

01:07:23 Food Vlogs

01:09:52 BMW

01:10:11 Who would you rather get Drunk With?

01:12:21 Raptor S

01:13:00 Fuck Marry Kill

01:15:30 Raptor 10x10

01:16:09 Formula 1

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