Another Senna? | Salomondrin LTACY #302


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What's up my G's!? Today's episode covers several topics from my guilty pleasures, a Chiron, and an office injury. Show originally aired live on on 2/11/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST.

00:00 Intro

00:43 DB11 vs Ferrari

03:35 Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show

4:10 What car is going to break the next Ring Record

4:30 Who makes the best Mexican

5:36 Buddy attacked by Tata

7:05 Should the Giants move away from Eli

7:55 How to make money during college

10:35 Nissan GTR

12:00 Ferrari Slingshot

12:30 Who would win in an Arm Wrestle Farshad or Buddy

12:50 Aston Martin Signet

13:25 Where are you taking Belen for Day

13:38 Why bring back the AMG GTR

14:38 What racing driver would you hang with?

15:20 Taco Update

16:14 G63 vs Urus

17:50 How much over for a senna?

19:05 Pick a new project car?

19:40 Pinafarina Hypercar

20:45 How did buddy do in his fantasy league?

21:10 What is the best car to lease?

22:00 Whats the first new car coming to the garage?

22:45 Whats the next car giveaway?

23:30 Have you driven a Chiron?

24:00 Collector Vehicles

25:05 GT3R vs Hurracan evo

26:14 Alpina B7

27:05 Whats your favorite book?

28:25 How to grow wealth with $100,000?

30:00 Is Belen making Jeans?

30:38 Would you take dirty car for cheaper?

31:16 Are you making a video on the G63

31:35 Would you consider a 600LT?

32:15 Wild prediction for 2019

33:40 NY Auto Show?

34:45 Do you work on the weekends?

35:15 Lambo Unico


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