Episode 24 - Big Chicken


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This week’s guests really tested my nerves. We had an award winning author who’s been featured on NPR and interviewed by Terry Gross, the site director for the actual Cascadian Farm, and General Mills’ President of North American Retail. Also, we’re continuing to giveaway Meatcast tee’s!

Maryn Mckenna is an award winning author and journalist. Her book Big Chicken was named a Best Science Book of 2017 by Amazon, an Essential Science Read by Wired, and a Best Food Book by Civil Eats. Her and I dig into…

  • Why are antibiotics being used in animals if they’re not sick?
  • The connection between human antibiotic resistance and chicken farms
  • How American hospitals, schools, and consumers drove the world’s largest chicken producers to make sweeping changes in their practices

Its only our 2nd epsiode of 2018, but I’m confdient this’ll be among our top episodes of the year and it’s among my favorite interviews so far!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC -- we’ve got a double feature! First up is Ashley Minnerath, who is the on-site director the Cascadian Farm home farm. The fact that there’s an actual organic Cascadian Farm, being run by farmers, is a surprise even to General Mills employees. I was excited to have Ashley come on and explain what it’s like to run an organic farm that’s owned by a big food company.

For the second part of this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we’ve got Jon Nudi, the president of General Mills’ North American Retail. That’s a group that includes all of General Mills’ brands, everything from Cheerios and Larabar, to Annie’s and EPIC. During his recent trip to EPIC HQ, I sat down with him and fulfilled his lifelong dream of ranking his meats. Listen all the way to the end and uncover this week’s special code to win a Meatcast tee!

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