Ep 3, Compulsive Behaviors


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Sex addiction, it will never satisfy you. Porn is not real and shouldn’t try to act out what you see with your partner. Finding an intimate time with your partner is far more rewarding. Caress her for hours but not in the sexual parts. Just try it out. If you single, well too bad for you :-) Addiction, understand yourself, find what trigger you, stop yourself before you feel the need to act out sexually. Stay busy, when you feel the urges, just go for a walk, the feeling will pass Stay away from the swimming pool, gym, beach where you may see attractive girls who will turn you on and start you off. Scratch your beard, when you start to stair a girl and look away within seconds See woman as little kids, this helps me to stop to sexualize them. Don’t judge yourself too hard, you are better than you think, in fact having a sex-related issues means you have a big libido, and you are strong and can be very successful when you will find the way to use this energy to your benefit. Drug addiction: if your friends are doing drugs, then you need to stay away from them until you are strong enough to say no. Be aware of your friends that do drugs will likely try to stop you in your tracks because they don’t want you to change. If they are truly good friends they will support you if they don’t, simple just ditch them, they are no good to you anymore. Try to not compare yourself to other people, don’t compare with people that have the same age and that are already successful, you are you, and stay yourself, you will get there, just be yourself because everybody else is already taken. The podcast I recommend: Tim Ferris: https://tim.blog/podcast/ Joe Rogan: http://podcasts.joerogan.net/ Books I recommend: Happy by Darren Brown, Neil Strauss (The game), This is going to Hurt by Adam Kay (recommended by Steven Fry), Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The Count of Montechristo (my favorite book ever) A life in Parts by Bryan Cranston (Walter White, Breaking Bad) Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. Books I recommend for sex or porn addiction Out of shadows, Patrick Carnes. Recovery to live by Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Breaking the cycle, George Collins MA, and Andrew Adleman MA. Always turned on by Robert Weiss and Jennifer p. Shneider. Recovery, freedom from our addictions by Russell Brand. Atomic habits by Alain Carr. Rewire your anxious brain by Catherine M.Pittman Phd, Elizabeth M Karle.

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