Episode 15: Nick Davenport – Mind.body.1- Cognitive-Visual Training


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Today we speak to Nick Davenport who has lead the way in merging sports psychology with muscle and strength training. Having been unfamiliar territory before, he took a risk and has created Mindbody One and partnered with Fitligths.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Nick’s equipment is focused around working memory and decision making while integrating the physical aspect. By combining both, he is “bridging the gap between stationary cognitive and active physical”.
  • Mindbody One merges multiple different cognitive skills. His products bring in a “one stop shop for all your cognitive needs” and creates a more “real life” situation.
  • In a stressful situation one “reverts back to their level of practice” and it is important to practice in the correct way.
  • It is recommended to do about two to three hours a week but can be broken down however it is convenient for the individual; after three to four weeks, results become evident.
  • Nick emphasizes five different skills: vision, working memory, reaction, stress- exposure, and mindset management. They all have information and examples on his website and instagram when you become a member.

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