186: Goats, Social Media Copy Tips, and Launching Bestselling Books Using a Street Team with New Author Valerie Morris


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Digital marketing strategies around copy, visuals, social media tactics, videos, and more from Founder of Tintero Creative and #1 bestselling author in over 9 categories on launch day!

Valerie's been in the social media space for over 10 years and breaks down how to leverage it to grow our businesses and help with book launches too!

A Few Highlights from This Podcast:

  • Bestselling Author Wall of Fame
  • How Valerie and I met at Social Media Marketing World 2018 on the live stage- How is “thinking like an architect” helpful in marketing and business?
  • Valerie's connection with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income
  • Why work-life balance important (and different for everyone)
  • What’s working right now in social media and marketing….in terms of copy?
  • What’s working right now in social media and marketing….in terms of visual images, videos, etc.?
  • How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world?
  • Best post types that get the most engagement from people on social media.
  • Canva.com
  • Valerie's Book: We're All Ears: How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world.
  • Why write a book?
    • What opportunities did Valerie start getting even before the book was done?
    • Influencers in book tactic
    • “Street team” launch details
    • How Valerie got more reviews
    • #1 Bestseller in 9 categories + #1 Hot New Release in 11 categories
  • Fun things mentioned: Goats and "Feed a poodle"

Our Guest

Valerie Morris is a digital marketing strategist who believes that you can be successful in marketing AND have balance in life. She understands social media growth tactics and how they fit in with other digital marketing disciplines. Valerie founded Tintero Creative, a digital agency based in Colorado.

Valerie is active in the digital community in Denver and a speaker at Denver Startup Week, SocialRock, Fuel Your Influence, and other innovative events.

She is also the author of the book We're All Ears: How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world which I’m proud to say hit #1 bestseller in 9 categories on her launch day (she’s a client case study of mine!).

When Valerie "shuts off" her devices, she can be found running around with her dogs, doing Pinterest projects, or searching for the best queso this side of the border.

Learn More: TinteroCreative.com

Great Quotes

  • “Pay attention to what the shiny objects are...so you are one of the early adopters of it." - Valerie Morris
  • "If you are able to start conversations and keep conversations going, you are going to get a lot more traction from that post, so ask questions!" - Valerie Morris
  • "People love talking about themselves, so if you can ask questions, you are going to get get more people making comments...then comment back and keep the comment string going and give more life to the post." - Valerie Morris
  • "When people are scrolling through the newsfeed and see a bunch of people liked or commented on the post, other people think, 'Hey, I should like and comment on this post too.'" - Valerie Morris
  • "Make social media copy as conversational as possible and you'll see a lot better results." - Valerie Morris
  • "You just need to be real." - Valerie Morris
  • "People like people who are interested in them. So, by your asking a question back...you're building rapport." - Laura Petersen
  • "The biggest thing is: catching people's attention." - Valerie Morris
  • "Use emojis to make it look like they are bullets or checkmarks. Those kinds of things can help people digest information really quickly." - Valerie Morris
  • "When it comes to social media copy, things are evolving every day." - Valerie Morris

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