137: Do mind-altering drugs have a place in wellness? 4 experts debate


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Today's podcast episode is a special recording from our sixth annual revitalize event, which was held in Dove Mountain, Arizona, in June. The insights we learned on the main stage this year were too good not to share, so we're broadcasting them on the podcast over the next few weeks. Today, we'll hear four perspectives on the role of psychedelic drugs in today's wellness world.

From the decriminalization of psilocybin in Oakland and Denver to the rise in ayahuasca ceremonies around the world, it feels like psychedelic drugs previously taken in hushed settings are now gaining mainstream appeal. So much so that the rate of use is quickly outpacing the research on how these substances actually affect the body.

At this year's revitalize event, we invited four health experts to give their take on what exactly this means. What role, if any, should drugs like THC, MDMA, LSD, ayahuasca, and psilocybin play in wellness? Who should be taking them, and how can they do so safely? The panel covered massive questions like these, and, needless to say, not everybody agreed on the answers. And that included me! I jumped into the debate (a revitalize first) to say that after seeing too many friends have too many close calls, I don't believe they have a place in wellness.

Tune in to the full podcast episode to dive deeper into this dialogue on when psychedelics expand consciousness—and when they do more harm than good.

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