#25 "Treating ADHD Functionally with guest Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer"


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Join Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer as they discuss:

1. What inspired her to get into healthcare.

2. What type of doctor she is and what patient population she typically works with.

3. What is the difference between ADD and ADHD?

4. Why is it becoming so prevalent in our children?

5. What are the symptoms a patient would present with?

6. What should parents do if they think their child has ADHD?

7. Role play: Hypothetically my 7 year old child is in 2nd grade and recently diagnosed with ADHD from their pediatrician. I realize there is medication however I feel it is only treating a symptom and not getting to the root cause of his/her behavior. What would you tell me as the parent?

8. Any resources on ADHD and treating it functionally?

9. How can listeners hear more about Dr. Zendi's practice, make an appointment and connect with her online? https://www.drzendi.com/

10. If she has a friend coming to Rochester, who has never been here, where would she take them?

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