Matthew Porter: How we learned to 'love the darts'


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The importance of running a high-quality event

Keeping the standard high despite the crowded calendar

Growing the PDC Darts event behind a subscription wall on Sky

The peculiar nature of darts - you can’t see the sport even when you are there

The way players have individualised and marketed themselves

The WWE influence over the entrances

The debate over darts’ sporting credibility

Football’s over-reliance on tribalism and lack of interest in marketing the product

Darts players and social media.

The relationship between social media and sponsorship in darts

How they use PDCTV, their OTT channel.

The importance of unofficial content channels

The human side of darts

Prince Harry becoming “a darts influencer”

Why darts is the UK’s most trusted sport

The challenger tour and academy set up

The opportunity to create a gender-neutral sport

The Premier League concept - Thursday night events in provincial towns

Why the PDC will always ‘leave ticket money on the table’

The development of different tournaments and why they are at maximum capacity

The determining factors behind darts’ global growth

Why they did not move into Holland earlier?

Which country has over-indexed and surprised him

The difficulty of expanding into Asia

Will the sport need a stand-out Asian player to make the breakthrough?

Why the future is consolidation

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