006: The Art of Scanner


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In this week's Esoteric Modulation we talk to Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner. We have a great in-depth conversation about his music practises, how he traverses multi-faceted projects, his career journey, and the importance that visual art takes within his life. We also talk about his latest Bandcamp release 'The Great Crater'

Sit Back and get ready for a really interesting show!

Episode 006 The Art of Scanner

Show Note Timings

Into: 0.00

Show Run-Down: 0.40

Guest into: 1.17

Robin explains his practice 2.45

How he has managed to bring together a diverse career 5.23

Bringing different projects together 12.00

Challenging himself with uncertainty and forced risk 14.20

Up and coming projects 22.40

How to move forward with improvisation 37.56

The importance of visual art in life 45.30

Tackling minimal sound projects and music 54.00

Bandcamp Album 'The Great Crater' 57.40

Show Notes

Listen Sound Art: Other People's Stories


Semibreve Portugal 2019


Latest Bandcamp album, The Great Crater

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Robin Rimbaud Scanner on Bandcamp https://scanner.bandcamp.com

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