346: The Cadillac is No Longer the Cadillac of Vehicles


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“It’s the Cadillac of (insert name or service)!”How many times have you heard or said that phrase?You probably have without even thinking about it to make a point about the top-tier quality or prestige of something. But, when you stop and think about it, is Cadillac still a good gauge of superiority?Sure, back in the glory days of the American auto industry and into the early 1990s, this cliche was true. A Cadillac was the ultimate marker of greatness, but in 2020, it’s far from it.Give this episode of the No BS Marketing Show a listen to get Dave's take on why the Cadillac brand is on a downward spiral, it's perilous marketing, and why words, stories, brands, and perception all matter in the end.Enjoy!—Connect with Dave for more tips and information on leadership, advertising, B2E marketing, communication, brand strategy, marketing, and more:LinkedInBut, before you go, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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