100T Climbs to 3rd - 100 Thieves Spring 2020 LCS Week 9 + Tiebreakers Recap


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Defying all expectations, 100 Thieves posted a 7-2 record on the back half of the split and won one out of two tiebreakers to lock up a 3rd place LCS finish. Now, due to some...ahem...creative playoff formatting and surprising choices by Cloud9, the squad faces a tough postseason run with C9 being the first round matchup. Fortunately, double elimination is on the table this split. Jordan and Cole have a meeting of the minds to discuss the playoff road and what appears to be newfound respect that the LCS community has for this “developmental project.”


5:20 - 100T vs TSM
7:03 - Cole always has his eye on Stunt
13:13 - The emergence of Cody Sun
18:18 - A baron triple take and a gifted penta

24:42 - 100T vs CLG - Counterpicks
27:51 - Playing against a chaotic opponent with nothing to lose
31:00 - Kudos to Meteos for bringing the veteran presence

36:31 - 100T vs FLY (3-4 Tiebreaker) - Showing another dimension
43:14 - Showing massive improvements in objective control
48:10 - A strong showing from Stunt on the Safe Braum

51:55 - 100T vs EG (2-3 Tiebreaker)
53:28 - Stunt and the Costly Death
1:02:00 - EG out-macros us. What can be done?

1:08:06 - The Playoffs Promised Land
1:11:14 - The TSM elephant in the room

1:22:16 - Kind Boy for MVP

1:26:51 - Closing thoughts on an amazing split

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