QUICK HITS #9~JFK Assassination Research With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell (With Guest Carmine Savastano) April 5, 2020.


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ATTENTION ALL HANDS! An ALL-NEW EPISODE of the Assassination Research Conference the comes to YOU has uploaded! Click THIS LINK https://www.spreaker.com/…/episode-9-april-5-2020-with-spec… TO LISTEN! IN THIS EPISODE~ Political Assassinations Researcher & Noted Author Carmine Savastano joins us for a Marathon Conversation! Items up for discussion include: * Lee Oswald in Mexico City; * New finds from the JFK Withheld Documents Release; *The murky case of Richard Case Nagell, and his Assassination connections; * The inter-agency battle between FBI & CIA, and why it's higly unlikely that J. Edgar Hoover had ANY pre-knowledge of The Assassination Plot; * Jack Ruby in Cuba; * The gunrunner who admitted knowing both Ruby and Lee Oswald; * PLUS Assassination-related Internet Weirdness, people who either ARE Paid Shills, or are missing a great chance to be, and MUCH MUCH MORE! JOIN US! Written & Hosted by Rob Clark & Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson

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