Surviving Relocation


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Sophie Jacobi-Parisi is a partner at Warshaw Burnstein, LLP and practices matrimonial and family law, representing people in matrimonial, custody and support matters. She joins Stacy Francis to discuss relocation issues and how you can resolve them.

  • Relocation is not automatic; you do not have the right, just because you’re the mother, to take your children and move away from their other parent.
  • Make your case for relocation as strong as possible: consider all the benefits that the relocation may provide for your children, such as a nicer home or better extra-curricular programs at a better school.
  • If a parent takes a child on an international trip and doesn’t bring the child back, the other parent can file a Hague case in the child’s home state or country in order to bring jurisdiction back to their country.
  • People need an education on what it truly means to get divorced, Sophie says. She believes that generally, marriages can survive relocation, and divorce may not always be the answer.


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