Kieran Maguire: How to buy a football club


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Is this a good time to buy a football club?

Will there be a raft of sales? In what timescale?

The type of due diligence needed to buy a club

Is there more value in Europe? The creation of club groups

What about the best value in Britain? What about Scotland and Ireland?

The potential of clubs - is it just down on the historical fanbase?

The role of private equity. Kieran calls them “vultures”

Is becoming a community asset a potential business strategy for big clubs?

The value of meaning and why clubs do not invest in it enough

Why the ‘benevolent dictator’ model is the best

What are the latest accounting trends in football?

How Kieran would change football finance reporting and accountability

The value of the fit and proper person fit (now the Owner and Directors’ Test)

Getting away from the boom and bust culture and the role fans play in that process

Valuing a transfer deal

Why do intelligent business leaders make stupid decisions when they buy a club

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