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Social media Influencer, world traveller, entertainer and gymnast/acrobat Sydney Brown is our guest. We discuss her start as a gymnast and beginning her professional career with Royal Caribbean and where it has taken her. Sydney shares stories, life onboard a cruise ship, shows she has performed in, her favourite destinations & the brands she's working with.

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Show notes:
0:01 - Welcome & Intro: Episode 8
Mike & Mitch chat about what we've been up to and introduce our guest, Social media Influencer, world traveler, entertainer and gymnast Sydney Brown.

3:05 - Sydney shares about starting out in gymnastics and her hiring story with Royal Caribbean - "Mom, Dad, can I work on a cruise ship?"

7:05 - Sydney shares a funny story about which ship she was joining

8:46 - Sydney discusses what it takes to maintain your body and mind onboard performing in such a demanding role? How do you train and stay healthy onboard?

11:29 - Mike asks Sydney what she can do better than Olympian Simone Biles
12:28 - Sydney, how do you perform on a moving ship? Shows on-board have become increasingly demanding and highly technical, Sydney discusses the differences between a land base show and a ship show. Also she shares info about the AquaTheater shows including some safety aspects of the venue.

16:15 - Sydneys discusses shows she performed in Macau, China (House of Dancing Water) and in Orlando with Cirque Du Soleil in (La Nouba)

17:25 - Sydney shares some memorable places she has been around the world

19:00 - Sydney shares how working on ships has opened up areas of opportunity in her life

20:49 - What is still on your bucket list?

22:00 - Sydney shares info on which major brands she is now working with

23:11 - How did you get more than 2 million followers on Social Media (TikTok, Instagram)? Any secrets? *Links below

26:10 - Sydney talks about the uniqueness of an AquaTheater show and what happens behind the scenes that many don’t know about

31:56 - What’s next? Sydney dishes on her potential new career path!

33:58 - Name Association fun

36:30 - Any advice or words of wisdom for new or potential young entertainers who are looking to make it?
38:40 - Mike & Mitch wrap up and discuss the ships continuing pause in operations


Next episode - we will have Hotel Director, Robert Taggart as our Special Guest!

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