Tom Middleditch: Eleven Sports, OTT, Watch Together, Piracy, New Territories


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What was the state of the OTT pre-Covid-19?

The rights gained by Eleven Sports. Starting in Belgium, Poland, Thailand and Singapore then growing

Becoming the Belgian League’s domestic broadcaster - and why its a game-changer

How does the OTT product differing in different markets? - the importance of localisation

The stability of the stream - the fundamentals

The recipe for taking on Serie C and D in Italy - serving an underserved market with a passionate fanbase that may accept a lower broadcast standard

Why it is not about the big rights all the time.

The opportunities thrown up by lockdown - the acceleration of esports, looking at other rights, behind closed doors games

The Watch Together function - why it was launched two years ago, why it has evolved, and the boost from lockdown

The tricky issue of synchronisation, the VIP function

The acceleration of digital communities because of lockdown

The piracy problem - “It’s part of the reason we left the Singapore market”

The need for broadcasters to unify on piracy.

Data - the problems on traditional llnear TV data and big advantage of OTT in this area

Amazon’s entry into the Premier League market

The way Eleven can use its data

No getting ‘bogged down’ by data

Combatting churn “is tough everywhere” - but is it different in OTT?

How and where Eleven looks outside of football

AI - how it affects production flow and the potential of OTT?

The Netflix UX/UI - I that the blue riband experience? Can this be replicated in sport

The do’s and don’t of set up an OTT channel

The terror of the last-minute crush into live events

Where is OTT going in the next 5-10 years?

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