Udo Erasmus - Total Sexy Health: The 8 Key Parts Designed By Nature


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Everyone wants to be sexy – the word we use for showing up vibrant, attractive and fully present – but few people know that health is sexy’s foundation. Fully sexy comes from fully healthy. What does that take? Life created health based in nature and human nature. Food and fitness are only one of eight parts of healthy/sexy. Each of the eight distinct aspects of our nature, and our context, has a different function, needs a different kind of attention, goes off in a different way, and requires a different kind of intervention. Disconnection from any one of these eight removes a part of our natural, inherent, built-in sexiness.Reconnection brings it back. It’s that simple. Listen as the founder of UDO'S CHOICE supplement company/author Udo Erasmus joins Sound Health Radio to discuss his book "The Book On Total Sexy Health" - an overview of how you can take charge of being sexy by giving each of the eight parts of nature and human nature its due. Total Health with Udo Erasmus udoschoice.com theudo.com Udo's Books

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