6. Hey Diddle Diddle- Part 1


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In this episode of The Goblin Podcast- Musical Stories for Kids you join us for Part 1 of Hey Diddle Diddle. When the full moon shines bright there’s magic in the air, and all the animals come out to play. Ever wondered how a cow jumped over the moon? Or why the dish ran away with the spoon? Find out in this new take on the classic nursery rhyme. In this episode we hear from the Cat with the Fiddle and also meet a little Spoon, ready for his first day at the dinner table...

Suitable for all ages

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Created by Matt Borgatti, Will Dollard & Mary Erskine

Produced by Mary Erskine

Voice performances by Mary Erskine, Nick Bowling & Jordan Ellaych

Written by Matt Borgatti

Music & Lyrics by Will Dollard & Mary Erskine

Songs Mixed by Jim Wallis

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