SIDEQUEST! Xbox Games Showcase and more!


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In today’s special sidequest episode we’re going to take a look (or is a listen..I mean this is a podcast) no…we’re going to take a bite out of the infinitesimal Nintendo Direct Mini which featured games that were not Nintendo 1st party games. Afterwards we’re going to dive into the main entrée of the Xbox Games Showcase and determine if it’s a big, juicy steak that was cooked to a nice medium rare in garlic butter or more like the whopper you get a burger king that has extra tomatoes when you specifically asked for no tomatoes around 3 am after waiting in line for 45 minutes because there is only one guy actually working while the other 3 employees are on their second smoke break since you finally decided to stop holding your foot down on the brake and just put it in park. We will also determine which next-gen console has the best exclusives. Then we’ll jump into a Bonus Points segment where we asked fellow lamers if they thought Xbox Game Pass is good or bad for the gaming industry. Now it’s time to finally put this proverbial car in gear so let’s get started…

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