How Long Is This Rollercoaster? - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 7 Recap


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The only consistency is inconsistency. After a bipolar week 7, Jordan and Cole feel like we’re finally starting to have some solid takeaways about how this team operates, and the prognosis is...alright. Despite some flashes of brilliance, drafting mistakes have robbed this team of a couple of wins and we find ourselves looking like the team with the highest ceiling of any 8th place team, possibly ever. The dads debate why this is and whether we can duct tape this thing up in time for the playoffs.

Listen here.

00:04:42 - 100T vs CLG - A fairly dominant game (i mean not C9 dominant but)

00:07:02 - Ryoma on Galio - Thriving on this pick but are we running into a Stunt situation?

00:11:34 - The Contractz early game - super dependent on draft; carrying losing lanes

00:19:20 - Cody Sun - Stepping up as asked/needed. Ultimate skillshot diff?

00:22:49 - 100T vs GG - Lose draft lose game

00:34:23 - Picking on Poome - fancy feet can’t save a level 1 Bard

00:38:40 - And the award for most embarrassing play of the split goes to…

00:41:38 - Ryoma builds a big lane lead but can’t carry (...could anyone have?)

00:47:58 - No free passes - assessing Poome on Bard beyond level 1

General topics

00:49:55 - After nearly 1 year, a clearer picture of Ryoma. Is this a Soligo meta?

00:57:06 - Are we a one-dimensional team? Two?

00:58:39 - Week 8 predictions (Is another consensus 2-0 prediction possible????!???)

01:02:00 - Listener Takes: What’s faster than lightning round

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