TOW a Pinch of Partying, a Dash of Sabotage, and a Dollop of Job-Hopping


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S04 E09 - TOW They’re Going to Party

Signature Beverage: Cilantro Larry’s Bloody Mary

00:02:00 — Two great finds at Costco!

00:11:35 — How does such a small newspaper have the budget to send Monica and five friends out to dinner every week?

00:14:47 — Do you double-dip your peanut butter spoon?

00:17:53 — Reminiscing about the Topsy Tail

00:19:34 — Memories of The Rosie O’Donnell Show

00:34:43 — Alessandro’s cooking skills have nothing to do with his being from Lebanon

00:36:29 — Let’s take a culinary trip to Lebanon!

00:44:00 — Would you accept a promotion if it meant working with a terrible, toxic person?

00:53:11 — When you’re the only one in the group who’s tired but you force yourself to hang

00:55:29 — Heather does NOT like taking baths (aka stewing in her own filth)

00:58:05 — The Official Breakdown of Ross’s Age

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