Introducing the Living Well with SIBO: 5-Week Challenge with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 91


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This week, Rebecca will guide you on how to heal your gut and live well with SIBO through her new program, Living Well with SIBO: 5-Week Challenge.


  • How do we live well with SIBO?
  • What are the 5 key pillars to health?
  • Why is awareness important in the SIBO journey?
  • How do we test for SIBO?
  • What are the types of SIBO treatment?
  • Why is nutrition not the only thing we should be focusing on when it comes to SIBO?
  • How do we approach SIBO with a positive mindset?
  • How do we reduce stress?
  • Why should you choose appropriate exercise when you have SIBO?
  • What is the importance of sleep in healing the gut?


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