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In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Backcountry.com, we are joined by Delia D'ambra. Delia is a full-time investigative journalist and the host of Park Predators, a podcast that details some of the most horrific murders that have taken place in national parks. Needless to say, maybe don't let your kids listen to this one.

We cover the triple crown of Adam Sandler movies, do another round of one minute gear reviews, a point / counterpoint on inflatable vs closed cell foam sleeping pads, and learn about diarrhea inducing gummy bears.

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00:04:50 - QOTD: What is your least popular or most controversial opinion?

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00:11:00 - Intro to Delia D’Ambra!

00:11:24 - How did you get involved with investigative journalism?

00:12:26 - How do you decide what stories to tackle?

00:13:45 - When you do episodes for podcasts like Park Predators, how do you go about doing the research for it?

00:15:50 - Have any of your episodes led to new clues?

00:17:40 - Is Adnan Syed guilty?

00:18:50 - Can you talk about the differences between mediums (news vs. podcast vs. broadcast)?00:20:40 - How did you decide to focus your research on National Parks?

00:23:01 - Did you find there was a disproportionate amount of murders in National Parks?

00:24:50 - Does doing this murder research freak you out?

00:26:57 - How do you keep an eye out for murderers in the backcountry?

00:29:50 - Do you hear stories from people who heed your advice?

00:31:00 - Can you give us a summary of the first episode of Park Predators?

00:33:50 - What was Gary Michale Hilton’s victimology?

00:35:30 - Are there things that make you feel empathy for the killers? Is there a theme/commonality to the way they operate?

00:37:29 - Can you give us a taste of episode 3?

00:40:48 - Chaunce’s brush with death

00:41:25 - What do you do if you see someone who looks very suspicious?

00:43:12 - Can you talk about episode 4?

00:48:53 - Do you think going through childhood trauma may have affected him becoming a killer?

00:49:20 - What kind of detail do you go into about the specific murders on Park Predators?

00:50:50 - Can you give us an example of how the women in Yosemite were murdered?

00:53:17 - Did any of these victims have or use mace?

00:53:53 - Can you tell us another story?

00:55:38 - Do these stories ever impact your personal life? Do you ever lose sleep?

00:57:10 - Do you ever worry about the killers reaching out?

00:58:25 - Did Epstein kill himself?

00:58:50 - Is there a season two?

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