Taking the Fight to Capitol Hill - Nicole Ver Kuilen


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Will YOU change the world even when the odds are against you? Will you lead the fight against big insurance companies and a powerful lobby on Capitol Hill? Welcome to the next generation of those fighting for the underserved. Nicole Ver Kuilen, the founder of Forrest Stump​, is doing exactly that, she's changing the world. She's fighting for the rights of individuals with disabilities to exercise and she’s taking this fight to Capitol Hill and Nicole want’s YOU to join the team. Nicole's position regarding the right to mobility is enlightening, definitely the best I've encountered. I left this interview with a renewed drive to further push for prosthetic and orthotic care for all. Nicole Ver Kuilen is also an athlete, specifically endurance sports like triathlons and adventure sports. At age 10, Nicole made the difficult decision to amputate her left leg to save her life from cancer. She would then spend the next 16 years fighting an outdated healthcare system to gain access to the prosthetic technology she needed to be physically active. Nicole Ver Kuilen founded the the nonprofit Forrest Stump and this organization is working to remove the barriers for persons with disabilities to participate in physical exercise and expand access to adaptive technologies. Watch and/or listen to Nicole Ver Kuilen explain how she’s going to change the world. Social Media Links https://www.facebook.com/RunForrestStump/ https://www.instagram.com/runforreststump/?hl=en Links to get involved https://msha.ke/getinvolved/ http://www.forreststump.org/ Go to www.livingadaptive.com for more information. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/living_adaptive/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingadaptive/

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