Megayacht News Radio: Kiran Jay Haslam, Princess Yachts


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Real yacht owners read stories to their grandchildren and love spending time with their multi-generational families onboard. This is why, according to Kiran Jay Haslam, you won't see mannequin-like models posing on sunpads or settees, ready for their closeup, in Princess Yachts' M Class video. In fact, the people you do see are actual customers. Similarly, the chief marketing officer of Princess Yachts believes real conversations are what customers want, versus PowerPoint presentations, when the builder unveils new models. If you caught the recent Facebook Live reveal of the X95 superyacht, you felt as if you were sitting in on a comfortable, casual chat among Princess Yachts executives. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, Kiran shares how these strategies are succeeding at changing the customer experience. Furthermore, he reveals: how tapping into the emotion of a yacht is far different than tapping into the emotion of a luxury watch or supercarwhat sets Princess Yacht customers apart, yet what also makes them similar to other yacht buyersand how the pandemic has proven yachting is only reaching a fraction of the people who can afford and want to enjoy this lifestyle.

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