#132 - Garden Cities


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In this guest episode from Think: Digital Futures, producer Caitlin McHugh examines how climate breakdown is changing the way people live. In cities, already soaring temperatures are compounded by the concrete, treeless layouts of most urban centres, while extreme weather decimates crops and disrupts our food supply chains. But what are the possibilities of green walls and vertical agriculture in our urban centres, how can technology help us adapt to a worsening climate?

Producer/presenter: Caitlin McHugh


Sarah Wilkinson, Professor, School of Built Environment, UTS

Tim Schork, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, UTS

Marc Carmichael, Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, UTS

Mel Fyfe, CEO and Co-founder of Blakthumb

Music: Epidemic Sound, Tomas Skyldeberg

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