Episode #155 - Creative Process: Ra Villains


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A bunch of new foes, coming at you RA and unfiltered!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:47:15

Adam is back this week, so let's make some Sentinel Comics content!

We do some chats and some goofs, tell you about Adam's new drawing tablet, talk about the state of existence and how overwhelming the world is... and then finally get into actually doing our job here at around 9 minutes in.

We make a few fun foes, each with their own ups and downs. You haven't seen the last of any of these jerks!

At around 52 minutes in, we get to your questions, answering questions about Ra, some of his foes, his boat, and also Legacy, and also also The Argent Adept Soothsayer Carmichael.

Thanks for listening! As always, if you have any questions for us, submit them here!

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