221 - Dark Tranquillity The Gallery


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We are once again joined by Chris Dick to discuss an album close to all our hearts and one that Chris wrote the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame about: Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery. SHOWNOTES “Of Chaos And Eternal Night” Of Chaos And Eternal Night 1995 (5:12) Talkset #1 “Punish My Heaven” The Gallery 1995 (4:46) “Silence, and the Firmament Withdrew” The Gallery 1995 (2:36) “Edenspring” The Gallery 1995 (4:30) Talkset #2 “The Dividing Line” The Gallery 1995 (5:01) “The Gallery” The Gallery 1995 (4:07) “The One Brooding Warning” The Gallery 1995 (4:14) Talkset #3 “Midway Through Infinity” The Gallery 1995 (3:30) “Lethe” The Gallery 1995 (4:42) “The Emptiness From Which I Fed” The Gallery 1995 (5:43) Talkset #4 “Mine is the Grandeur...” The Gallery 1995 (2:26) “... of Melancholy Burning” The Gallery 1995 (6:16) Talkset #5 “Bringer of Torture” (Kreator cover) 1995 (2:20)

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