#22. King Aus - An Apache kid's dancing journey from Texas to Eurovision


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"When I moved to New York City, everyone hated southern music"
Growing up with a dancing mother and a military father, Ausben Jordan aka King Aus started to be interested in different physical activities early. Martial arts and cheerleading set King Aus on a path, not knowing that those skills combined with dance would make him end up on the world's largest live music event. Being Born in Texas with a mother and Father with strong Black and Indigenous ancestral beliefs didn’t stop King Aus from finding his way to Street and classical dance. When he later moved to NYC, he would find himself learning the waacking, popping, vogue, and house from some of the OG’s within those styles.

In this interview, we get to hear the story of King Aus’ life and the variating experiences that led him to where he is today.

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